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Is the tower bridge the same as the London bridge?

Absolutely not! London Bridge is an ordinary modern (1973) bridge which spans the river Thames. Its predecessor, built in 1820, is now located at Lake Havasu in Arizona. Tower (MORE)

Where is the London Bridge?

The original London Bridge was taken apart and rebuilt in Lake  Havasu, Arizona as a tourist attraction. The current London Bridge  is in Central London.
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What kind of bridge is London Bridge?

The present London Bridge, in London, is a pre-stressed box  girder bridge.   Tower Bridge is often mistakenly referred to as London Bridge.   The old London Bridge w (MORE)

Where is the London bridge located?

It is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona if you are referring to the 1831 John Rennie version sold to an American entrepreneur. If you are referring to the current one it's in Lo (MORE)

Who built the London Bridge in London?

Peter of Colechurch between 1176 and 1209 Additional information: This depends on which London Bridge is the subject of this question. There have been a number of different (MORE)

Why did London bridge fall down?

There have been a number of different London Bridges over the past 2000 years. In 46AD, the Romans built the first bridge across the Thames River; it was a simple wooden const (MORE)

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Is London bridge and tower bridge the same bridge?

No, they are completely different. London Bridge is famous because of the childrens' nursery rhyme 'London Bridge is falling down' but the present bridge is a very modern (197 (MORE)