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What comes after a millennium?

According to the ICS timescale, time divisions are as follows: Age (1 million years, 1000 Millennia). Epoch (10 million years, 10 Ages). Era (100 million years, 10 Epoch (MORE)
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What comes after Millennium?

Calender subdivisions do not recognize any timescales past millennium. Anything past millennium is simply referred to as a millennia (Plural form). Although, you could incorpo (MORE)

What does millennium mean?

Millennium means a one thousand year period. Especially one reckoned from the beginning of the Christian era. Millennium is the timescale used for 1,000 years.

What is millennium mode?

  Millenium Mode is a mode in a paintball marker in which the marker can ramp up to a certain bps. (Balls per second) Instead of one shot per pull, it can be multiple shot (MORE)
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What is a millennium year?

Millenniums are 1000 years. Year: 1 Year Decade: 10 Years Century: 100 Years Millennium: 1000 Years "One Million Years?"

What millennium are you in?

We are at the beginning of the third millennium of the common era (or AD, to those who prefer it).
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Millennium In A Sentence?

Millennium, simply, means a period of time equal to one thousand  years. An example sentence is: There have been so many significant  changes in the last millennium.

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