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What are the main line of Feng Shui products?

Typically Feng Shui products range from calming objects, items  intended to further personal growth and Buddhist religious icons.  The most famous example of this would be a (MORE)

How do you find your feng shui element?

  Hi, There is method called four pillars of destiny method by which you can find the element of the day on which you were born. That is your true personal element. eith (MORE)

Where to place feng shui turtle?

The Turtle or tortoise, place in the North of your home or garden brings excellent Feng Shui luck and considered extremely auspicious. They offer protection and attract good f (MORE)

What is an example of feng shui?

Here are a few examples of Feng Shui principles applied: -changing the bed position to receive a different energy -tilt the main door to catch another type of Qi -select (MORE)

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Where are the Milton twins from?

The Milton twins are called Cali and Cherish. They are from  California in the United States of America. They are identical  twins.

Why was Hershey chocolate by Milton Hershey?

Chocolate used to be only for rich people. Milton Hershey wanted chocolate to be to the poor. Hershey chocolate was the first ever chocolate avalible to the poor. Without hers (MORE)

Why was John Milton imprisoned?

His imprisonment was one of the earliest examples of censorship by the government. He was publishing works on divorce, which the authorities considered to be a touchy subject. (MORE)

How does feng shui work?

Feng Shui is not a religion, but rather a belief that arranging furniture and such a certain way can effect your outlook on life in a positive way. You can feng shui your whol (MORE)