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What does feng shui have to do with taoism?

I am a Feng Shui expert trained in Asia so I hope my input will help you. Feng Shui has a lot of bridges with Taoism. It is not born from Taoism but it was developed in parall (MORE)

How do you find your feng shui element?

  Hi, There is method called four pillars of destiny method by which you can find the element of the day on which you were born. That is your true personal element. eith (MORE)

Who is Lin Feng-jiao?

Joan Lin Feng-Jiao (30 June 1953) is a famous Taiwanese actress, one of the Two Chins and Two Lins. She made her first movie at age 19 in 1972. She retired in 1982.
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Where to place feng shui turtle?

The Turtle or tortoise, place in the North of your home or garden brings excellent Feng Shui luck and considered extremely auspicious. They offer protection and attract good f (MORE)
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How did feng shui effect our rutine?

When you walk into someone's home and immediately feel a sense of well-being and energy, that's good feng shui. On the other hand, when your surroundings make you feel jittery (MORE)

What is an example of feng shui?

Here are a few examples of Feng Shui principles applied: -changing the bed position to receive a different energy -tilt the main door to catch another type of Qi -select (MORE)

Feng-shui beliefs about bees?

Feng-shui teaches that bees open up channels of dead or stagnant  energies and allow the energy to flow on this planet, revitalizing  the area with high vibrational frequenc (MORE)

How does feng shui work?

Feng Shui is not a religion, but rather a belief that arranging furniture and such a certain way can effect your outlook on life in a positive way. You can feng shui your whol (MORE)

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