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Did Milton Hershey have any kids?

Milton Hershey did not have any children. His wife, Catherine Sweeney had syphilis and as a result could not bare a child. Milton Hershey did not have any children due to th (MORE)

Where did Milton Hershey go to college?

Answer   he actually didnt go to college, his family was too poor, and at age 14 he felt ready to start working so his mom got him a job working with a candymaker . when (MORE)

Did Milton Hershey have a dog?

Yes. Hershey owned a chocolate Labrador retriever named Otto, in memory of Hershey's grandfather, Otto Hershey. Milton was greatly inspired by Otto, whose dream was to make he (MORE)

Why was Hershey chocolate by Milton Hershey?

Chocolate used to be only for rich people. Milton Hershey wanted chocolate to be to the poor. Hershey chocolate was the first ever chocolate avalible to the poor. Without hers (MORE)

How did Milton Hershey treat his workers?

Later in life and after the death of his beloved wife, Hershey  became famous for spending a lot of his energy (and of his profits)  on the welfare of his workers. Before th (MORE)