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How many minarets does taj mahal have?

There are 4 minarets at the four corners of the main building. On careful observation, you can see that the minarets are oriented slightly outward so that in any case the mina (MORE)
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What is the significance of the minaret tower in a mosque?

It is the same as the towers of traditional churches that indicates Christian architecture. For mosques, it is a matter of Islamic architecture and is symbolic indication of m (MORE)
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What does the number of minarets represent?

i minaret represents a mosque built by a private benefactor 2 minarets show a mosque built by a community 4 minarets adorn a mosque built by the sultan (pre-1923 in Turkey) 6 (MORE)
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Why do mosques have minarets?

As well as providing a visual cue to a Muslim community, the call to prayer is traditionally given from the top of the minaret. In some of the oldest mosques, such as the Grea (MORE)
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Why does the blue mosque have 6 minarets?

It has 6 minarets because when Sultan directed his architect to  make gold (altin) minarets, it was misunderstood as six  (alti) minarets. The Haram Mosque in Mecca also had (MORE)
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What is the minaret for?

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What are minarets?

Answer AThe minaret is a tall slender (or thin) tower structured with the mosque> it is desgined usually with balcony (ies) wher one can call Muslims for the prayer. It is tra (MORE)
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What were Minarets used for?

for calling people to pray. in past there was not laud speaker. and today the laud speaker are placed in Minarets. and Minarets are part of Islamic art.
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What is a function of the minaret on an Islamic mosque?

It is a tower where a crier calls Muslims to pray five times a day. It is an essential part of the mosque structure that allows the announcement for prayer from a high locatio (MORE)