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Can Borden none such condensed mincemeat be used past its shelf life?

  As long as the jar is still vacuum sealed, the issue with this product will probably be quality factors such as flavor and texture, not food safety. And it depends how f (MORE)

How did mincemeat get its name?

  Mmm... Mincemeat!   Mincemeat was originally a conglomeration of bits of meat, dried fruit and spices, created as an alternative to smoking or drying for preservati (MORE)

Is there meat in todays mincemeat pies?

No. The mincemeat that you can buy in the store is vegetarian.     Edit - This may not always be the case; I've purchased mincemeat (Nonesuch in the jar, in this case) (MORE)

Can mincemeat be frozen?

  yes mincedmeat can be frozen. it is just like any other meat but it is just smaller bits. so to answer your question- can mincedmeat be frozen- yes it can

What is mincemeat made out of?

Mincemeat is made from a mixture of different things. The major contents of mincemeat are dried and chopped up fruits, spices and distilled spirits. Some people will also add (MORE)