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What is mind?

In the materialistic world, Mind is the most neglected part of our body because it is invisible to others. Our knowledge of mind is totally distorted. Mind is a buffer and f (MORE)

What is the mind?

The mind is described as that part of human beings which controls thinking and behavior. It is that part of us which distinguishes us from all other living species. The mind i (MORE)

Where is the mind?

The physical mind is in t he Brain, an organ in the body. The mind is the process of thoughts that take place within the brain. It is through the mind that we interact wi (MORE)

What is a mind map?

A Mind map something that tells you about an idea you want to knowwith proper organize manner. So you could visualize your ideas andthought. This simple yet powerful tool to a (MORE)

What is on your mind?

probably like a guy/girl... idk why.. im not chew!!. chew need to get a life and stop asking stupid questions like this!. chew needs to get a girl/guy... like seriously!... (MORE)

Is it 'like mind 'or 'like minds'?

Both could be correct, in the appropriate context, but 'like mind' is more common. 'My father wanted us to move house, and I was of a like mind.' 'On the question of mov (MORE)

Is mind reading spelled mind reading or mind-reading?

Although there are rules about hyphenation, these words can be found with and without hyphens. The main purpose of hyphens is to glue words together. They notify the reader th (MORE)