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What is a mind map drawing?

Mind maps are diagrams that show how ideas and topics are connected. A mind map starts with a central topic - what the map is going to be about - as a keyword, image or phra (MORE)
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What is mind?

In the materialistic world, Mind is the most neglected part of our body because it is invisible to others. Our knowledge of mind is totally distorted. Mind is a buffer and f (MORE)

What are mind maps?

Here is a definition from Wikipedia. A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. (MORE)

What is a map?

A map is a flat model of all or part of Earth's surface. It could be political or physical and shows land, water, biomes, ecosystems, and a lot more. A map is a visual represe (MORE)
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What is the power of mind?

The power of the mind can mean a couple of things.    One of them is the 6th sense, the ability to perceive things others  cannot normally perceive.    Another (MORE)

Is there a difference between a mind map and a graphic organiser?

A mind map is simply one type of graphic organizer. The term  "graphic organizer" describes any method for visually organizing  information. Other examples of graphic organi (MORE)

How would one make a mind map of the character Sherlock Holmes in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'?

Since a mind map revolves around a concept, the center would be the  alleged â??Curse of the Baskervilles. Next would be Sir Charlesâ??  murder, as either a result of, or (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a mind map software application?

A mind map software is used to visually outline information, It is often created around a sing word or text in the center. Mind Maps could be used for the following problem so (MORE)

Is mind reading spelled mind reading or mind-reading?

Although there are rules about hyphenation, these words can be found with and without hyphens. The main purpose of hyphens is to glue words together. They notify the reader th (MORE)