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How do you mine for fish?

You can't on earth If you play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 you can, although it's only possible when you go Treasure Hunting. Another location for mining fish occurs within the (MORE)

How do you mine with a mining pick on minecraft?

Just break a stone block with your pickaxe like if you were punching trees. NOTE: Some materials will not drop their resources if not mined without the right tool! Stone and (MORE)
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When was mining discovered?

Mining has been done for thousands of years. Ancient Egypt mined and so did other cultures. The oldest salt mine in the world is in Poland and has been in use for thousand of (MORE)

Where is platinum mined?

The largest reserves are in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. South Africa accounts for about 41% of the mined platinum, followed by United Kingdom at 16%; Germany at 11%; (MORE)

How do you mine potassium?

you cannot mine pure potassium but you can mine potassium chloride or as it as Potash ore. These mines are found allover the world where there have been ancient sea that have (MORE)

What were the consequences to The colonial powers developed plantations and mines but few factories in Africa?

There were many plantations and mine, but few factories. This  created an unbalanced economy. There was a small middle class, and  not a lot of goods for local consumers.
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What are mined in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a volcanic island and was put there due to volcanoes. They haven't really been there long enough to allow anything in them to be mined. There is no real resource in (MORE)
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How is quartzite mined?

Because of the crystalline structure of quartzite, is cannot be  mined. It is removed from the crust. You can identify hillsides  with large quartzite deposits as there will (MORE)

What is the role and responsibilities of a Business Development Manager in the modular department of metals and minerals mining?

Basically- in a simple way- the role of a business developement Manager- BDM are into 3 fields: Building brand Image of the Company through exhibition and seminars Developing (MORE)