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What do minerals do?

Minerals can be used in tools, in mineral water, and the mineral water one gives you nutrients!
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What are minerals for?

minerals are for doctors they could use them for surgiries and stuff also in some tools they use minerals to cut stuff becuace they are sharp you could also have neclaces. By (MORE)
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What can a mineral not be?

A mineral cannot be organic. A mineral cannot be made by or composed of life forms.
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What is the mineral?

We don't know. There is no hints of what the answer is in the question. There are tons of minerals out there. sorry
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What about minerals?

What about minerals!? What do you want to learn about minerals? Minerals are thnigs like crystals and pure substances found underground. I need to know what you want to know a (MORE)
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What is in a mineral?

A mineral may consist of a single element, but most often contains two or more elements. Gold--single element mineral. Calcite--made up of calcium, carbon and oxygen.
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What are minereals in?

Minerals can be found in different foods, such as fruits andvegetables. They can also be found in nuts, meat, and grains.
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What minerals are in a can?

What type of can? Tin can? If it's tin here we go. Probably; Abhurite Canfieldite Cassiterite Cylindrite Franckeite Mohite Pabstite Stannite Tealite Tusionite
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What can minerals do for you?

Minerals can do many things. They can balance out with the vitamins you need in your body. They are able to make your hair and others grow faster on your body.
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What do you have to be to be a mineral?

In order to be a mineral, something must be solid, inorganic,naturally-occurring, chemically-defined, AND crystalline. If it isnot one of these things, it is not a mineral!