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What do the numbers mean in minesweeper?

The numbers in Minesweeper indicate how many mines are next to that square. (vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.) For example, if there is a 4 in a square, 4 bombs are a (MORE)

Are computer games were bad for computers?

Interesting question...Unless you beat your computer with a stick after playing a PC game which was too slow and your computer kept on freezing up a couple of times. Computer (MORE)

Do computer games harm your computer?

No, they just take up memory and space, if there is something wrong with your computer you should message me. However, some games end up ruining the hard disc if they have hu (MORE)

What is a gaming computer?

A gaming computer is usually beter than a normal computer like it  is a custom built or somthing, my computer has a NIVIDA 9600 GT  video card and that is somthing you will (MORE)

What is a gameing computer?

A Gaming Computer, is a computer designed specifically to excel at playing 3D games at the best possible resolutions. They can vary in cost, but generally speaking, you will n (MORE)
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What happens at the end of minesweeper?

The little smiely face puts on some shades. Then there are flags put that display where all the mines are. And finally your time is recorded into the records of best times tha (MORE)

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Where to get a gaming computer?

There are many companies you can get a gaming computer from. I've done a lot of research through out the internet on many different companies and the one that I've found that (MORE)

What did a minesweeper in the Korean war do?

The same thing it does in any other war: find and destroy naval mines so they won't find and destroy warships. The enemy really doesn't like you doing this, so minesweeper cre (MORE)