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What is minicomputer?

A mini computer is a small main frame. The mini computer is usually  used for everything that a large main frame can do, but has less  storage space.

What is a Minicomputer?

minicomputer are smaller than mainframe general purpose computer, and give computing power without adding the prohibitive expenses associated with larger systems. microcomp (MORE)

When were minicomputers invented?

The founder of Intel, Robert Noyce, was doing research on a thing close to MicroComputers, in 1969, but, in 1971 a Ad appeared from apple, advertising the First micro Computer (MORE)

What is the first considered minicomputer?

Many computer historians consider the DEC PDP-1 to be the  first minicomputer, but it was still quite large and was built  entirely with discrete transistors. Most computer (MORE)

How much the cost of minicomputer?

These are not absolute figures, but are given only for relative  comparison:    microcomputers typically cost from $200 to $5000  minicomputers typically cost from $10 (MORE)

What is the speed and capacity of a minicomputer?

 Minicomputers, also called mid-range servers, are more powerful  computers than micro-computers in terms of processing power and  capabilities. Minicomputers are mainly m (MORE)