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What is a Minicomputer?

minicomputer are smaller than mainframe general purpose computer, and give computing power without adding the prohibitive expenses associated with larger systems. . microcom (MORE)

What is minicomputer?

A mini computer is a small main frame. The mini computer is usuallyused for everything that a large main frame can do, but has lessstorage space.

What are examples of a minicomputer?

Any laptop or desktop PC 'minicomputer'. milimiinas ang twag daw sa mga sa pag sa kay sa mga pampubli kong sasak yan examples of minicomputers are the minis used a (MORE)

What are the Disadvantage of minicomputer?

Minicomputers tend to have smaller screens, lack CD drives, and arealmost completely unusable for music or other entertainment. Aminicomputer is designed for simple and swift (MORE)

Features of minicomputers?

There features of minicomputers are quite a number. Some of theminclude having an internal memory, they have a fixed hard drive,there is a processor and many other parts.
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What a minicomputer can do?

I am using a minicomputer right now and it seems that minicomputers might not be able to do what a regular sized computer can but still might have special characteristics. fir (MORE)

When were minicomputers invented?

The founder of Intel, Robert Noyce, was doing research on a thing close to MicroComputers, in 1969, but, in 1971 a Ad appeared from apple, advertising the First micro Computer (MORE)