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What is the difference between an abolitionist and a minimalist?

Generally speaking, an Abolitionist is a person who objects to the condition of human slavery. That is: one who objects to the abuse of human beings being forced into essentia (MORE)

What is the meaning of minimalistic?

A painting, decorating style, or piece of music is minimalistic if it uses only very few simple ideas or patterns.   minimalistic = plain and simple   A person who takes (MORE)

What is minimalist music?

Minimalist music is an originally American genre of experimental or Downtown music based mostly on consonant harmony, steady pulse or drones, stasis and slow transformation, a (MORE)

What are the characteristics of minimalist art?

Overt symbolism and emotional content are avoided, and attention is called to the materiality of the works. Suggestions of biography and metaphors of any kind are avoided. Min (MORE)

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