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Why is a rondo music a rondo music?

A rondo is usually an old-fashioned piece of music. It is a piece of a larger work, such as a sonata or suite, and its musical form is usually ABABA, ABACA, or ABACABA. It can (MORE)
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What is musical?

"Musical" in its adjective sense means something is formed in a way that resembles or is music; It usually has (but not always all of:) tempo, pitch changes, volume dynamics, (MORE)

What does music do?

Music can awaken emotions in people and occasionally animals. It  can make them feel energetic, sad, happy, or bring out the feeling  that the person happens to be feeling a (MORE)

What is minimalist music?

Minimalist music is an originally American genre of experimental or Downtown music based mostly on consonant harmony, steady pulse or drones, stasis and slow transformation, a (MORE)

Is baroque music classical music?

Answer 1: No it isn't Answer 2: Technically no. Baroque music belongs to its own period, the Baroque period (1600-1760). It was followed by the Classical period (1750-1830). (MORE)

How do you download music from a music website?

That would depend on the website Youtube converter is easy and simple follow thease steps for phone and computer! here is a tip: go on to youtue converter and load up you (MORE)

How do you get minimalist?

You don't get minimalist, you become it by doing the least amount of work possible.
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What style of music was in the musical wicked?

Many different types! The composer, Stephen Schwartz, had different sounds and styles for each song. The first song, "No One Mourns The Wicked" was made to sound a bit like "D (MORE)