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How emulsions be minimized?

  I assume you mean during an extraction or wash in a sep funnel. It depends on many factors:     1) Choice of solvent. Dichloromethane is very prone to forming e (MORE)
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How many crochets in a minim?

There are two minums in a semibreve. There are two Crotchets in a Minum. There are two Quavers in a Crotchet. There are two Semiquavers in a Quaver. There are two DemiSemiQuav (MORE)

How pollution can be minimized?

More people using public transportation since that would make there be less cars on the road, reducing our carbon monoxide emissions. Also, more people could take a caravan (d (MORE)

How can you minimize the cutting down of trees?

Rainforests are disappearing very quickly. The good news is there are a lot of people who want to save rainforests. The bad news is that saving rainforests is not going to be (MORE)

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What are minimal pairs?

Minimal pairs are pairs of words that except for one phenomic difference sound alike. The one phenome difference can make a significant difference in meaning between the two w (MORE)

What is minimal?

  Minimal can be different depending on the person. if a rich man thought of the minimal price on something to sell he might think millons of dollars. it depends on how yo (MORE)

What is Biblical Minimalism?

Biblical minimalism is the belief that the Bible is purely mythological rather than historical records. It seeks to establish the history of the region from archaeological mea (MORE)