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How do you minimize violence?

    Violence at its root is like short circuiting. It is a failure of a smooth flow of energy from and towards the brain. Human thought and revelations attempt to dis (MORE)
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How can undercooling be minimized?

By adding "inoculant" to the liquid iron just before casting, undercooling can be minimized. Inoculation is a means of controlling the structure and properties of cast irons b (MORE)

What is minimal supervision?

The ability to have minimal supervision is a great asset to  companies. Minimal supervision means a person can work without  getting instructions for every new task.

How pollution can be minimized?

More people using public transportation since that would make there be less cars on the road, reducing our carbon monoxide emissions. Also, more people could take a caravan (d (MORE)

What does minimal mean?

minimal means small amount or least amount of something foir example minimal help a little help...
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How can you minimize friction?

friction is due to the roughness of surfaces.any process which makes the two surfaces in contact smooth can minimize friction.the methods are: by polishingby using ball bearin (MORE)
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What are minimal pairs?

Minimal pairs are pairs of words that except for one phenomic difference sound alike. The one phenome difference can make a significant difference in meaning between the two w (MORE)

What is minimal language?

Minimal language is considered to be part of the most important  elements of communication. This works hand in hand with sensory  organs and is said to be the primary langua (MORE)

What is minimal?

  Minimal can be different depending on the person. if a rich man thought of the minimal price on something to sell he might think millons of dollars. it depends on how yo (MORE)

Where did minimalism originate?

Minimalism creates using the most simple shapes. It originated in  New York in the 1960s. It was founded by architects such as Donald  Judd, Robert Morris, and Carl Andre.