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What are minions?

Minions are yellow little guys who are extremely funny and make me laugh my socks off. :P Do you watch it online
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How do you hack minions?

You can't. Those programs and the people who ask for your usernames and passwords are fake! Even if they claim it's real, it's still fake! They steal your usernames and passwo ( Full Answer )
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What is minions disease?

Meniere's disease is caused by an imbalance in the fluid located inthe inner ear. It causes dizziness and vertigo.
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How do you get abyssal minion?

in order to get an abyssal minion you need to play soul wars i think members only. and you can get one as a reward
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What are gru's minions?

I honestly have no idea, but to me they looked like peanuts. :) Sorry if this didn't answer your question. But they also could be little mutated things, remember Kyle, his 'do ( Full Answer )
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What is a minion in Judaism?

A minyan is a prayer quorum in Judaism. Amongst the Orthodox and some Conservative communities, a minyan is made up of a minimum of 10 Jewish men who are 13 years or older. Am ( Full Answer )
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What are the metal minions?

They have lots of armor and are specially stronger than Laser Minions. They have armor everywhere on them. They wield black needlers, zap guns, blindfold rifles and hand canno ( Full Answer )
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Where is the NBC minion at?

the judges table picture from Americas got talent beside the sodacup on Howie mandel's space
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Where is the last minion at in missing minions?

The minions are characters from the Universal movie 'Despicable Me'. On the website PRNewswire, the publisher is running a contest to fond three minions that have escaped. ( Full Answer )
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Who are inapropriate minions?

inapropriate minions is a second grade band of kids who createtheir own songs and lipsync