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What is a mink?

A mink is one of two species that are nocturnal semiaquatic carnivores member of the family Mustelidae (weasels) in the genus Mustela. They are highly prized for their fur and (MORE)

What color is mink?

When they are in the wild they are usually brown but farm bred mink vary from white to nearly black. Mink is a shade of brown.
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What are the adaptations of a dwarf minke whale?

Blowhole - so they can breath when they reach the surfaceBaleen (Baleen whales) - used to sieve small crustaceans or fish from the waterUse of song - communication with each o (MORE)

What is lunaraine mink?

Lunaraine mink is a type of fur. It is commonly used to make  expensive full length fur coats. It is genuine and all natural.

What is the habitat of a mink?

Minks are found in the forested areas of North America, Europe, and Siberia. Mink are widespread in Britain's mainland, except in the mountainous regions of Scotland, Wales an (MORE)

What do minke whales eat?

    This is from Enchanted Learning-   "DIET AND BALEEN Minke whales (like all baleen whales) are seasonal feeders and carnivores. They sieve through the ocean wat (MORE)

What is tourmaline mink?

Tourmaline mink refers to the type of coloring that a mink has. A  tourmaline mink has a light colored coat, with beige tones.  Tourmaline can also refer to the color or sha (MORE)

Do minke whales eat dogfish?

  No, because a minke whale is a baleen whale and also a rorqual( a suborder of baleen whales) and what they do is expand their thoat pleets to open their mouth really wid (MORE)