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Did Minnie Riperton ever perform live at the Greek Theater?

Yes, Minnie Riperton did perform at the Greek Theater. I knew it was one of her last performances, therefore I went to see history. She'd opened for The Spinners (if I'm corre (MORE)
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Who is minnie coutts?

Minnie Coutts was One of the few 3rd class passengers aboard the titanic to survive. She was 36 at the time traveling with her two sons Willie and Neville Coutts, to meet her (MORE)

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How old is Minnie Riperton?

Minnie Riperton was born on November 8, 1947 and died on July 12, 1979. Minnie Riperton would have been 31 years old at the time of death or 67 years old today.
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Why was minnie named minnie?

People call there babies Minnie because when they are tall and pretty and the Minnie the mouse was called Minnie because a mouse is small but they meant mini but for a name M (MORE)

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