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Complete the saying From to Minsk?

If I remember correctly I think the quote was from Seinfeld. They were discussing the (fake) movie "Rochelle Rochelle", whichappears in several episodes. Whenever the movie na (MORE)
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What is the capital for Minsk?

Minsk is not only the capitol city of Belarus (North of Ukraine, East of Poland). It is also a city in the Region of Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation, near the center of Russia (MORE)
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What is Minsk?

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus in Eastern Europe. The city, which has an area of about 308 sq km, lies in central Belarus. Its population in 2009 was about 1,837,000.
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Minsk distance to moscow by road?

700 km    This is the route:    Take M1 МАСКВА (Moscow), from Minsk, to RUSSIA, where the road  continues as M1.  Continue on M1 to Moscow.   
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Which port is closest to Minsk Poland?

Minsk is not in Poland, it is a capital of Belarus. In Poland thereis a city called Minsk Mazowiecki. Closest ports to Minsk, Belarus,are Riga, Latvia and Gdansk, Poland. A cl (MORE)