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What happened to MIR Publishers Moscow?

Mir Publishers still exist in russia, but they don't carry out any foreign lanuages translation work, publishing Russian scientific literature in Russian only. Mir was formed (MORE)

What are mir cats?

a meerkat is kind of like a prarie dog. it looks somewhat like a weasel or a ferret. it lives in praries and burrows under the ground. they go together in groups. they are usu (MORE)
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What is meant by mir bakshi?

The head of the military was called the Mir Bakshi, appointed from  among the leading nobles of the court. The Mir Bakshi was in charge  of intelligence gathering, and also (MORE)

Where is MIR today?

One MIR is in small pieces at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. It was de orbited March 23rd 2001 & broke up when it reentered Earth's atmosphere. One is in Wisconsin Dells if (MORE)

Who was titu mir?

Syed Mir Nisar Ali commonly known as Titu Mir was a great Bengali freedom fighter and a peasant leader who resisted the oppression of the local zamindars and European indigo (MORE)

Why was the mir space station in space?

In 1986, the Soviet Union launched a space station into space. That is a place where astronauts can eat and sleep during their missions. Mir was supposed to orbit earth for fi (MORE)

What does the Muslim title Mir e.g. Mir Sahib used in India signify?

  Answer   Mir is a Kashmiri tribe in India and Pakistan.     The word Mir is used as a respect for a person who is an in-charge, Head or Big-Landlord of a (MORE)

Why was the MIR Space Station deorbited?

  When Mir was deorbited in 2001 it had been in space for over 15 years. It had already surpassed its certified orbital lifetime. Not only was it falling apart (it became (MORE)