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What does MIR stand for?

\n. \nIf you're talking about the Russian space atation, Mir is the Russian word for "world" (also "peace"). As far as I know it's not an acronym and doesn't "stand" for anyt (MORE)

Where is MIR today?

One MIR is in small pieces at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. It was de orbited March 23rd 2001 & broke up when it reentered Earth's atmosphere. One is in Wisconsin Dells if (MORE)

What are mir cats?

a meerkat is kind of like a prarie dog. it looks somewhat like a weasel or a ferret. it lives in praries and burrows under the ground. they go together in groups. they are usu (MORE)

How did you get to mir?

take a left at un-existing street and stay going until you end up in no-where street then take a right and your there.

Who was titu mir?

Syed Mir Nisar Ali commonly known as Titu Mir was a great Bengali freedom fighter and a peasant leader who resisted the oppression of the local zamindars and European indigo p (MORE)
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What did they use Mir for?

The space station Mir was used for many kinds of scientificresearch about the behavior of materials and living organisms inweightlessness and exposure to space, and to learn h (MORE)