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What is a miracle?

Answer \n. \nThe birth of a new born baby. Being in a bad car accident, looking at the car and wondering how you got out alive. Having a disease that for some reason disapp (MORE)

What are Miracles?

miracles are good things that happens surprisingly and unexpected!!! A miracle is an event that cannot be explained by logic and some believe may have been caused by a god (MORE)

Are miracles real?

Another answer from our community: Though we don't see miracles such as, "The feeding of the fivethousand" today, miracles are still occurring, just on a smallerscale. All ov (MORE)

What rhymes with miracles?

lyrical principles Spiracles: •in an insect or spider, one of the small holes that allow air in and out through the surface of the body•in some fish such as s (MORE)
In Pokemon

What is miracle seed?

The Miracle Seed is used to power up grass-type moves when held by a Pokemon. Hope this helps. (:

Where have there been miracles?

A: . Miracles are events that in some way defy the laws of nature, through supernatural agency. Most religions have had miracles, so it is possible to say that miracles have (MORE)

What is the miracle of the miracle worker?

The miracle of the miracle worker was Annie teaching Helen sign language and she succeeded. Helen went to college and graduated, she became an under-controlled child and very (MORE)

Do a miracle or make a miracle?

In the Bible miracles are described as things people perform or do with God working through them. People can't 'make' a miracle as you would make a cake or build a house. E (MORE)

How do you get a miracle?

A: Miracles are events that are believed to have come about through supernatural intervention. Many believe that they occur in response to prayer. Perhaps it is not possi (MORE)