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What does miriam mean?

Miriam or Miryam (מרים) is an Ancient Egyptian name of unknown meaning, but in Hebrew it might possible mean sea of bitterness (mar yam, מר ים).
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Who is M Miriam Herrera?

M Miriam Herrera is an American author and poet better known for her writings on the Mexican American, Native American, and Spanish Crypto-Jewish experience.

Who is Miriam Benjamin?

Miriam Benjamin was a Washington D.C. school teacher and the second black woman to receive a patent. Miriam Benjamin received a patent for an invention she called a Gong and (MORE)
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What did miriam do?

all she has officially done (in the torah) is watch moses as he was in the basket in the Nile River and lead the women in a dance as they left Egypt, there are a few midrashim (MORE)

Were Miriam and Martha sisters in the Bible?

Mary and Martha were sisters in the bible. Scriptural confirmation: (Luke 10:38-39) ". . .Now as they were going their way he entered into a certain village. Here a cert (MORE)
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Where did Miriam live?

Miriam was born in Egypt, but she mainly lived in the wilderness asshe fled with her brother and community. She died in Kadesh, whilestill traveling.