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Who is Miriam Benjamin?

Miriam Benjamin was a Washington D.C. school teacher and the second black woman to receive a patent. Miriam Benjamin received a patent for an invention she called a Gong and S (MORE)
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What is a Jewish cohen?

In the Biblical Age, Ancient Israel had Priests called Kohanim (literally Hebrew for "Priests") who oversaw the sacrifices in the Great Temple and passed this position to thei (MORE)

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How is Miriam from the Bible a role model?

1) Miriam was a prophetess (Exodus 15:20). 2) Miriam demonstrated concern for her brother's well-being (Exodus ch.2). 3) Miriam led the women in praising God (Exodus 15:20 (MORE)
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Where did Miriam live?

Miriam was born in Egypt, but she mainly lived in the wilderness as  she fled with her brother and community. She died in Kadesh, while  still traveling.
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