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When were miscegenation laws repealed?

Miscegenation (Latin miscere "to mix" + genus "kind") is the mixing of different racial groups, that is, marrying, cohabiting, having sexual relations and having children with ( Full Answer )
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Why were films dealing with bizarre social problems such as miscegeneation often set in Canada?

(NIMBY- Not in My Back Yard!) syndrome is a likely answer. there were some unusual happenings in our Neighbor to the North such as the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets in l934 ( Full Answer )
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What did the miscegenation laws make illegal?

Interracial marriages. The US Supreme Court declared these laws unconstitutional in Loving v. Virginia. *The opinion comments previously here have been moved to the discussi ( Full Answer )
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When did miscegenation end?

Some people used to believe in races of humans. Some of those people thought that when people of different "races" had children, that was bad, so they called it miscegenation. ( Full Answer )
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Why is miscegenation promoted in most modern movies?

The whole objection to miscegenation, the belief that it is somehow immoral for people of different ethnic groups to marry, reproduce, or fool around, has no legitimate basis. ( Full Answer )
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What does the word miscegenation mean?

"Miscegenation" refers to the mixing of people of different races. This mixing could include marriage or cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation.