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What is accounting misconduct?

Accounting misconduct is a phrase used to describe when someonepurposely messes up the books within a business. The usual reasonfor this is so the person can gain access to mo ( Full Answer )
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How does corporate misconduct affect business?

Corporate misconduct makes the business look bad. Customers maystop purchasing from the business in light of their negativeperception.
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What to do about police misconduct?

U.S.C. Title 42, Section 1983, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law is the appropriate federal law used to address police misconduct as a civil matter . Depending on the ( Full Answer )
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What is employee misconduct?

Some of the employee misconducts are calling in sick when notreally sick and stealing from work.
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Misconduct on badmenton?

Attacking your opponent with your racket . shoving your 'shuttlecock' in their face . chasing them around the court
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What is misconduct in the workplace?

Misconduct in the workplace can be anything that violates the rulesof an organization, factory, or business. Each company has its ownrules that need to be followed. There are ( Full Answer )
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What is misconduct ethics law enforcement?

The matter of someones personal "ethics" are not enforceable by either criminal or civil law. There are charges of either "Misfeasance" or Malfeasance" that can be brought if ( Full Answer )
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What is willful misconduct?

Can an worker get his job back in a unionized company if he wasfired for misconduct.
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What is wilfull misconduct?

This is misconduct which the perpetrator is fully aware of yet persists in it regardless.