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Can your penis mishape from dry humping?

umm well your having sex im guessing and your not using lubricant. okay so one way to test this is to pull down your pants and down do this in the shower because water will ju (MORE)

What does mishap mean?

The word mishap means an unlucky incident. The other words thatmean the same include accident, setback, misfortune and much more.
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Is Mishape spelled correctly?

No. The verb is rarely used, and is spelled "misshape" (to badly shape). The more common adjective is "misshapen" (or misshaped).

What were mishaps the US government made?

The US Government has screwed up in more ways than they will ever tell us. For instance one of the most publicly accused screw ups was The Vietnam War. We lost. Also. The mos (MORE)

A sentence for the word 'mishap'?

If nothing else, the mishap did serve to show where security procedures needed improvement. I had a slight mishap the other day at work. His mishap led to problems (MORE)

Is blunder a synonym to mishap?

They have similar meanings, but not so similar as to be synonymous. A mishap is an unfortunate event or misfortune, which might be caused by a person, might be caused by a nat (MORE)