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What do you mean password mismatch?

It means that your logon name and your password (as you entered it) do not match. You entered an unintended typo.
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What is the fear of mismatched clothing?

The fear of mismatched socks is called asymmetiphobia. This is aphysical phobia that is also characterized by being afraid ofasymmetrical objects.
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Is there mismatch between Quraan and science?

The Quraan covers religious life and religion is primarily faith and belief. This means that you believe in all what is Quraan (as Muslim) what so ever (you can prove it or no (MORE)
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Where are the mismatched paintings on Counterfeit Island?

There are four paintings hanging in the wrong places in the museum. You know which ones they are because they will come off the wall. The paintings in the wrong groups are (MORE)
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Is mismatched impedance harmful?

It will not make too much of a difference at low-frequencies, but should be avoided if workig with audio signals.
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Which has a mismatch between subject and modifier?

Although painfully shy, Burt never minded performing music in front of a crowd.. Although painfully shy, performing music in front of a crowd never bothered Burt.. Although (MORE)
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What is cultural mismatch?

Situation in which a child's home culture and the school culture hold conflicting expectations for the child's behavior.
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What is phase mismatching?

If you are asking about electricity generation, this is when 2 alternators are not running in sync and they attempt to drive each other as motors for parts of the cycle. This (MORE)
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What is a protocol mismatch?

If the sending and receiving protocols are different, then you have a mismatch. Think of a speaker using French but the receiver only understanding Spanish. They will not be a (MORE)
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Why are breasts mismatched?

Everyone has one side of the body that is bigger than the other. Some even have different sizes in shoes. Breasts might not always be different sizes but if one hang lower tha (MORE)