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How does Narcissism relate to misogyny which is the hatred of and desire to control women?

Even psychiatrists can't answer this question. A Narcissist has a deep core in them that is extremely complex (many things in one) and their behavior is usually learned from (MORE)

Is there a WikiAnswers topic for misogyny?

  Answer     There isn't currently a FAQ topic for misogyny. There is one for abusive relationships, but that's about the closest.     If you are suggesti (MORE)

Can narcissism be a coverup for misogyny or gay tendencies?

It is not a "cover up". Misogynistic behavior and latenthomosexual tendencies are both behaviors associated withnarcissistic personality disorder. Extreme bodybuilders a (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Misogyny - 2012?

The cast of Misogyny - 2012 includes: Tom Auclair as Police Photographer Tom Borrillo as Joe the Bartender Miranda Byers as Diner Waitress Adriana Ceara as Drunk Hot Girl Jazz (MORE)