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Who should you contact if union represenative misrepresented you?

Answer . You should write to their Branch Secretary if you feel that you were misrepresented. Or you could write to the union office which will be found online if you goog (MORE)
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If your lawyer misrepresent you?

I was involved in a car accident in June of 2004 which resulted in my having to have three cervical disk replaced. I have a history of disk problems and had another disk repla (MORE)

How does a mercator map misrepresent the world?

The Mercator map projection does not represent area correctly. the equatorial regions are relatively small and the polar regions relatively large (if Greenland looks larger th (MORE)

Why do the Watchtower misrepresent the trinity doctrine?

The Watchtower generally directly quotes official sources with regard to the definition of the trinity. Like all individuals, Jehovah's Witnesses reserve the right to voice th (MORE)

How is Darwin's theories often misrepresented and misapplied?

A: The most common misrepresentation of Darwin's scientific theory is that humans have developed from apes. Humans have not developed from apes but rather share a common (MORE)

How can a graph be misrepresentative of data?

In many ways: There can be gaps in the axes which will exaggerate changes. With three dimensional pictograms, it is not possible to tell whether the values are related to the (MORE)