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Do Mormons have missionaries?

Yes. In fact, Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) are quite well known for their missionary force. At any given time, they have over 50,000 mi (MORE)

Why do missionaries do what they do?

Missionaries do what they do because after hearing prophecies or  reading a verse..... you start getting an exciting feeling and then  you might talk to your pastor about it (MORE)

What are the qualifications of a missionary?

Each sending agency has its own requirements. Some are much more stringent in their qualifications than others. Some qualifications might be education, age, gender, denominati (MORE)

What are missionaries?

Missionaries are people who go out (generally to another country) to convert people to their religion. ( normaly it is religion but it also can be explores coming from differe (MORE)

What does a missionary do?

To faithfully live as a follower of Jesus and make disciples as  Jesus commanded his disciples to do before he ascended into heaven.   Spreading the gospel of Jesus to ev (MORE)
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What are ridges?

A ridge is a row of hills or mountains. Is also a term for an areaof the ocean floor, as well as an area of high pressure.

Who is missionaries?

This question may refer to the Missionaries of the Mormon Church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon Missionaries are unpaid volunteers who actively seek (MORE)

Do missionary baptist churches have missionaries?

Sort of, they do not necessarily have missionaries at their churches, but one of their big beliefs is that it is important for them to support missionaries. Most missionary Ba (MORE)

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