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Who is missy kix?

Missy Kix is a sassy singer. Her song is The Missy Kix Dance and mystery is all around her. She has straight pink hair, pink skin and pink eyes, and she wears a pretty dress. (MORE)

Who were the missi dominici?

I believe they were sort of special field agents of the Feudal French Army. The name isderived from the latin and means (messengers of the lord) Lord here meaning a noble pers (MORE)
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Who is Missy Elliot?

Missy Elliot is a popular female rap, hip hop and R&B artist who has both friendly lyrics for children as well as young adolescents. Missy stands for Melissa and Missy Elliot (MORE)

Is Missy Elliot in the Illuminati?

Missy Elliot is not a member of the Illuminati. Some people believe a group of powerful people exists that has ties to the occult. They believe the group has influence over g (MORE)