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What rhymes with mistake?

ache, fake, quake, brake, break, wake, cake, hake, jake, lake, make, steak, stake, take, bake, flake, rake, shake, sake, snake Two syllable words: partakeawakeretakeremake (MORE)

What was the munich mistake?

The Munich Mistake is often considered what lead Europe in the  disastrous World War II. It was appeasing Germany when it began its  arms buildup. Rather than challenging th (MORE)

What was the Germans mistake?

If you mean by that, why Germany lost the second world war, they did the same mistake as Napoleon 200 years before, by invading Russia, without a well drawn plan. The panzer's (MORE)

Can a mistake be corrected by another mistake?

  Yes, if they are compensating errors. For example you might be trying to work out 50 plus 20 on your calculator, but by mistake you enter 90 instead of 50 for the firs (MORE)
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What do you learn from your mistakes?

You take positives that have came from them and move on. You can't live your life with regret. You can be regretful for a while but dwelling on things doesn't help anyone. Mis (MORE)
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Why do you make mistakes?

because we are humans and everyone makes mistakes because we aren't perfect. We learn from them so we don't make the same mistake in the future.
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Have i made a mistake?

it depends...if ur boyfriend/husband really cares for u and is not embarresed 2 show it, he loves u, if he treats u like a slave and u'v got the feeling his usin u, u have mad (MORE)