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What was the munich mistake?

The Munich Mistake is often considered what lead Europe in the  disastrous World War II. It was appeasing Germany when it began its  arms buildup. Rather than challenging th (MORE)

How do you learn from mistakes?

Well it takes me awhile to admit that I am wrong but I soon come around to apologzing for whatever i did. I usually think things over and go back to what I already done depend (MORE)

Mistake in a sentence?

"I only made one mistake in the whole of the maths paper"   "I didn't mean to send you that e-mail - it was a mistake!"   "Last night I made the mistake of putting salt (MORE)

What is a mistake of value?

In a contractual agreement where one or more parties is mistaken regarding the value of the labor or good bargained for. A mistake of value is generally not a defense, leavin (MORE)

What is bilateral mistake?

An error made by 2 parties, who believe differently and/or incorrectly about the facts in the contract. bilateral or mutual mistake; a material fact that is mistaken by both p (MORE)

What have you learned from your mistakes?

Over time I have come to realize to not let yourself get so down  when you see a mistake you may have made. You should instead  recognize your mistakes and see it as a chall (MORE)

Were the crusades a mistake?

  No the crusades were not a mistake. Without them the world we live in today would most likely look quite different. While many died for what could be perceived as a re (MORE)

What do you have to do if you have a mistake on your green card?

You will need to file form I-90. under Part 2, Application type, Number 2, Reason for Application, check box "d" which reads "My card was issued with incorrect information bec (MORE)

If a dealer makes a mistake on a car contract are they responsible for the mistake?

If you signed it you are bound to it, even if you didn't read it beforehand. If you haven't signed it then they are responsible for fixing the mistake before you sign it if th (MORE)