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What is a sentence using the word misunderstanding?

Here are some sentences using the word "misunderstanding": . I think we had a misunderstanding about the wording of theannouncement. . There is a misunderstanding here abo (MORE)

How do you use the word misunderstand in a sentence?

The governor worried that voters would misunderstand his newspending policies. If you misunderstand the rules, you might violate them withoutmeaning to.
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What causes misunderstanding?

One of the main causes of misunderstanding is poor communication.  Whether it is speaking or listening, good communication is key to  prevent all types of misunderstanding.
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Why misunderstanding about Islam?

Islam is a widely misunderstood religion mainly because of propaganda. For example, many people believe 'jihad' is blowing yourself up for the sake of Islam. This fact is to (MORE)
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Why language is the source of misunderstanding?

Language is the source of misunderstanding because of the confusion that takes place when two persons of different nationalities who only speak their own language try to talk (MORE)
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What does clear up a misunderstanding mean?

Depending on context, if you say something and a person miss-hears you and you then correct them, that would be clearing up a miss understanding. Or if person a, dislikes pers (MORE)

Was are some misunderstanding about the Mayflower Compact?

well for one, the compact was most definitely not a constitution. and although some signs of democracy were shown...there was a lot of unfairness... only 41 males actually si (MORE)

What is a misunderstanding?

To misunderstand is to form an incorrect idea about what someone else is trying to say. If someone invites you to visit them at home, but you thought they were asking you to j (MORE)