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What are the misunderstandings in Pride and Prejudice?

The misunderstandings between Elizabeth and Darcy made Elizabeth formed prejudice towards Darcy. Elizabeth believed in Wickham's lie about Darcy and his character, hence, she (MORE)

Is misunderstanding a cause of having a broken family?

Answer . Yes, misunderstandings in a family (lack of communication skills) can cause a broken family, but here are some other reasons:. A member of the family may be into (MORE)

How do you show calmness when there is conflict or misunderstandings in the family?

Just take a deep breath, and explain yourself in a calm way using "I' statements.. such as "I feel like I'm being misunderstood" or, "I feel like we need to take a break to ca (MORE)

How do you write about a misunderstanding that happen?

the other day I talked to you about........(feel the blank) was due to my sleepless night. I was tossing and turning like a corkscrew, I just couldn't seem to get my mind (MORE)
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Why misunderstanding about Islam?

Islam is a widely misunderstood religion mainly because of propaganda. For example, many people believe 'jihad' is blowing yourself up for the sake of Islam. This fact is to (MORE)
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What does clear up a misunderstanding mean?

Depending on context, if you say something and a person miss-hears you and you then correct them, that would be clearing up a miss understanding. Or if person a, dislikes pers (MORE)

Why do misunderstandings about green roofs exist?

Green roofs help the environment and provide  efficiency that helps cut energy costs. Green roofs, which are not  the same as solar roofs, are designed to facilitate natural (MORE)