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What is school management?

school management is the combination of the different  administrators and their roles in the operation of a school   What is School Management System?School Management Sy (MORE)

Various schools of management thought?

  The schools of management thought are theoretical frameworks for the study of management. Each of the schools of management thought are based on somewhat different assum (MORE)

What are MITs rival schools?

Harvard and Caltech. I completely disagree. Caltech may be in the top ten engineering schools but certainly not top five...while Harvard is not even in the top ten. The (MORE)

How difficult is Navy Nuclear Power School compared to Caltech or MIT?

  There is no question that Navy Nuclear careers are much more difficult than anything civilian training can provide. It's a fact that most civilian reactors are in fact o (MORE)

What is a objective of school management system?

In today's world of speed, schools would be crushed under the  huge paperwork volume without the use of specialized management  software. From school managers to the teachin (MORE)

What to do to get to MIT?

Having been twice accepted by MIT, first for a PhD in Physics, and then for an MBA at the Sloan School, I have some opinions on this matter. First, being at the top of your cl (MORE)

School-Based Management in the Philippines?

School-based management (SBM) is the decentralization of levels of authority to the school level. Responsibility and decision-making over school operations is transferred to p (MORE)