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Is Christianity a copy of Mithraism?

Absolutely not.. Christianity is the worship of the God of the Israelites, and His promised Messiah, fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ.. From the beginning to the end the B (MORE)
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What religion came first mithraism or Judaism?

Judaism came first. Mithra-ism was practiced in the Roman empire between the 1st and 4th centuries. Judaism dates back thousands of years possibly as far back as 2000 BCE.
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What is Mithraism?

Mithraism was an ancient Persian cult of the Sun God, adopted by many Romans, which was very popular in the first two centuries of the Roman Empire, especially in the Army. M (MORE)
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What roman emporer was the imperial cult named mithraism under?

Mithraism was not an imperial cult, it was a military one. It thrived under several emperors. We know little about it as its rites were secret. We do know that it originated (MORE)
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Was Mithraism a major competitor with Christianity?

Yes. Mithraism was a strong competitor to Christianity in the first two centuries, but had a fatal weakness, whatever its theological truth. Mithraism only accepted men as ful (MORE)