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What is a mitzvah in Judaism?

The word 'mitzvah', which is Hebrew, is most commonly translated as'commandment'. The mitzvot (pl) are found in the Torah and form the basis for howJews are meant to live the (MORE)
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What is a mitzvah?

MITZVAH (מצוה) is a Hebrew word which is from the root "TZ. V. H."(צ.ו.ה), which means "to order" or "to command". The mitzvot(plural) are the commands th (MORE)
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What is the difference between a Bas Mitzvah and a Bat Mitzvah?

Same thing, different pronunciations. "Bas" is the Hebrew  pronunciation dialect   associated with Ashkenazic Jews. "Bat" is the Hebrew pronunciation  dialect   asso (MORE)
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Where do you have a bar mitzvah?

A bar mitzvah is wherever the boy in question is when he turns 13. If you're referring to the ceremony held to celebrate a boy becoming a bar mitzvah, that is normally held in (MORE)
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Explain the ceremony of a bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah?

1. Bar Mitzvah is for 13-year-old boys 2. Bat Mitzvah is for 12- or 13-year old girls They read Hebrew passages from the Torah and Haftorah. They also give speeches on how the (MORE)
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What is a b'nei mitzvah?

A B'nai Mitzvah is bar or bat mitzvahs involving more than one person. It could be a group bar/bat mitzvah, or twins or other siblings, or just 2 kids who get scheduled togeth (MORE)

When do you have a bar mitzvah?

A Jewish boy becomes a bar mitzvah the day he turns 13. The ceremony associated with becoming a bar mitzvah is often held as close to the boy's 13th birthday as possible.
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Why is the bar mitzvah more important than the bat mitzvah?

To become bar or bat mitzvah is to accept the mitzvos upon oneself - not to have a party. When a boy turns thirteen or a girl twelve, they become adults in the sense that they (MORE)
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When is the bat mitzvah?

The proper age of Bat Mitzvah is 12 because Judaism holds that women mature more quickly than men who have their Bar Mitzvah at 13. However, in many synagogues, Bat Mitzvah ce (MORE)
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Is aliyah a mitzvah?

There are two ways to read this question. Aliyah: Immigration to the Land of Israel This question is more of a practical matter than a question of Halakha (Torah-law), becau (MORE)