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What is mixed boxing?

Mixed boxing is an intergender boxing match between a man and a woman, typically unsanctioned and often between untrained fighters. Sparring between trained men and women is c (MORE)

What is a mixed farm?

Mixed Farming is when the farmer has both, animals and crops.Also is about the looking after of animals, until the farmer decides to sell the animal's meat, eggs, milk, and mi (MORE)
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Is Beyonce mixed?

yes Beyonce Giselle Knowles is mixed.what she is mixed with you probably ask.she is mixed wih Dominican and black.from who don't know
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How do you mix Pokemon?

You 'mix' Pokemon by putting two (a male and female) in a daycare. If they are compatible types, they will have an egg after awhile which you can pick up from the daycare man (MORE)

What is mixed race?

it is when a black woman and a white man (or a black man and a white woman) have a baby because there is a black race and a white race!! Its when any race is mixed with anot (MORE)

What is mixed economics?

mixed economics involves different types of system/methods used in different countries. Now mixed economy is a privately and public own businesses in a certian country.