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Are there free online 3D MMORPGS?

RuneScape is fun, and you don't have to download anything. ( Also, there's MapleStory, which is kind of a rip-off of Ragnarok Online, but it's not 3D... (MORE)

What is the worst mmorpg?

According to, a site which collects and averages scores from professional reviewers similar to RottenTomatoes for movies, the worst MMORPG is DarkFall Online, (MORE)
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Is there a mmorpg that you can fly?

Several. There are flying mounts on the popular game 'World of Warcraft' - Developed by 'Blizzard'. You can crew spaceships in the game 'EVE: Online' - Developed by 'CCP G (MORE)

Is there a Bakugan battle brawlers mmorpg?

Nope, there isn't a Bakugan MMORPG Yet, but there will be one coming out in March, which is next month. I know this because I saw an advertisement at the Baku-Con yesterday. I (MORE)
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What is a good Pokemon mmorpg?

pokemoncrater was amazing but has unfortunately shut down. Pokemon Indigo is alright but is very slow. Apparently Pokemon TPPC is really good and so is Pokemon Black!!! TPPC (MORE)
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Is there an online Bakugan RPG or mmorpg?

Nope. I hope they make one it's killing me to play bakugan with other people online. Either way i hope i can create a female charter in the bakugan mmorpg/rpg.
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Are there any stick figure mmorpg?

Yes There Is 3 They Are : -Kingdom Of Loathing (Kol): A Free Online MMORPG With A Great Sense Of Humor -Stick Online: Im Not Sure How Good It Is But Its Supposed To Be Great Y (MORE)

Are there any fox mmorpg games?

Not at the moment, but you can make a fox char in Impressive Title ------------------------ There is also a mmorpg game called PWI (Perfect World International) where you can (MORE)