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What is a cosmetic flaw on a mobile phone?

Cosmetic means physical. So a "Cosmetic Flaw" on a phone is something physically wrong and don't effect anything mechanical. Cosmetic Flaws on a phone could be scratches on th (MORE)

What is the smallest mobile phone in the world?

One of the smallest mobiles phones in the world is Modu Phone. created by Modu Mobile, holds the Guinness world record for the world's smallest cell phone. Modu has a remarkab (MORE)

Which country was the mobile phone invented in?

Who invented the first "modern cell phone" as we know it? Dr.Martin Cooper ( director of R&D Motorola USA) is credited with "inventing" one in 1973 along with his research t (MORE)

Is a mobile phone an inanimate object?

Yes it is. An inanimate object is something that does not move unless moved; therefore a mobile phone is an inanimate object. If place on the floor it does not move unless a c (MORE)

How do you call an English mobile phone from a mobile phone in Ireland?

The best way is to enter the number on your mobile in international format, starting with UK country code +44 (including the plus sign), followed by the UK number, omitting th (MORE)

Mobile phone does not charge why?

First thing I would do is try and find another charger for that phone and see if it solves the problem, if it doesnt then you a have something wrong with your battery or have (MORE)

Suggestions on misuse of mobile phones?

If you use it to much you could get something in your brain and die. If you prank call people it's likely that you'd get arrested.
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What do mobile phones do apart from phone calls?

It depends on how updated the mobile phone is. Some not so updated phones can text, play some games like pac-man, bubble bash 1&2, etc, search on the web, and take 480 pixel (MORE)

How is radiation in a mobile phone caused?

radiation travels by waves not gas or water or even solids they travel trough the air and the battery has acid and when this energy is used it sends waves of radation to power (MORE)