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How do mobile phones effect your health?

Enjoy reading!!!!! By regularly speaking on your mobile phone you are putting yourself at risk of a brain tumour, leukaemia, as well as severe headaches, memory loss, extreme (MORE)

Why mobile phone cause health problem?

Mobiles transmit their calls using radio waves in the 'microwave' portion of the radio spectrum. This is exactly the same type of energy that cooks food in a microwave oven (t (MORE)

Why are mobile phones dangerous for your health?

Despite popular misconceptions, cell phones cannot cause harm to the human body. They cannot cause cancer of any type. Only ionizing radiation can cause cancer. Sunlight, fo (MORE)

Do mobile phones give of radiation?

Answer: No. Mobile phones do not give off sub-atomic (ionizing)  radiation.    Answer: Yes. Mobile phones emit microwave (millimeter to  centimeter range) electro-mag (MORE)

How is radiation in a mobile phone caused?

radiation travels by waves not gas or water or even solids they travel trough the air and the battery has acid and when this energy is used it sends waves of radation to power (MORE)

What are the health issuse to mobile phones?

Due to mobile phones using frequencies in the 'microwave' part of the radio spectrum - there is much debate whether long-term use can cause damage (either temporary or permane (MORE)

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What is the main reason that Mobile phones are tested for radiation safety?

Simply because they emit radiation in the microwave section of the  radio spectrum. It's the same type of radiation that cooks your  food. It has been proven that prolonged (MORE)