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What is mobi?

Answer . (.MOBIle) A top-level Internet domain used for Web sites that supply content to cellphones and other handheld devices with tiny screens. The .mobi suffix was intro (MORE)

Who is Frederick Moby?

He invented a better halogen light lamp that would fit into a regular light socket in 1960 while working as an engineer at General Electric. See the related link for more info (MORE)

What rhymes with Moby?

Aoby. Boby. Coby. Doby. Eoby. Foby. Goby. Hoby. Ioby. Joby. Koby. Loby. Moby. Noby. Poby. Qoby. Roby. Soby. Toby. Uoby. Voby. Woby. Xoby. Yoby. Zoby.
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Who is moby duck?

Moby Duck is a book written by Donoban Hohn. It is not about any specific "duck". It is about a discovery made about ocean currents and ocean ecology made recently with the he (MORE)

What was 'Moby Dick'?

Moby Dick was the white whale that Captain Ahab recklessly pursued in Herman Melville's novel "Moby-Dick; or, The Whale" .
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Is Moby Dick a character in moby dick?

Yes. A character in a story is any person/entity/being who has any role or influence over the story. So even though it is just a whale, and the whale doesn't speak, the whale (MORE)