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Can you be a model?

I am 5'5 with black hair reaching just below my breasts and am an  Asian. I weigh 107 lbs and am 13 years old. Do you think I can be a  model for stores like Abercrombie kid (MORE)

How do you be a model?

If you want to be a high fashion runway model you must have a good figure and must be very tall have a pretty face and most importantly you must have the walk. There are are (MORE)

What do models do?

There are different types of modeling fields, each with their own requirements but in general, models are required to:   - attend castings and go-sees  - model clothes (MORE)

What does a model do?

Uses a mixture of pose and fashion to sell different types of clothes and accessories to sometimes very rich people :
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What does models do?

  Models are required to take photos, pose with products or props, or walk the runways clothed in the latest designs.
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How can you get into modeling?

There are 2 ways to get into modeling: 1) Submitting snapshots to a modeling agency and getting signed in order for the agency to market you and begin booking you for work. (MORE)

What are models for?

  They help show off the clothes they are modeling & to make them look good. It's supposed to appeal to peoples taste.
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What do you do as a model?

models either do photo shoots for designers or walk on runways. they go on castings and go-sees to try to book jobs

Why do you model?

People model so they can get an idea of how clothes (or jewelry) look on people. This helps them make decisions on things like color or length.
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