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What is the only color you can get the Ford Model T in?

That is in essence a myth based on some truth. The Model T was first produced in 1908 and it came in different colors from 1908 − 1914. From 1915 to 1925 it was only painted (MORE)

How many jobs did the ford model t make?

Impossible to say. There were factory jobs producing the Model T, all the subcontractors making parts for the Model T, dealers selling the model T, mechanics working on the Mo (MORE)
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What was the purpose of the Ford Model T?

Henry Ford created the Model T because he wanted a car that could  handle the rough roads of America. He wanted it to be light so it  was powerful, big enough for a family, (MORE)
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What was the price of a Ford Model T in 1916?

Around $ 300. A Model T cost some $ 700 in 1910 but was able to bring the costs down because of the use of assembly-line.
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How did a Ford model T work?

It is very easy. You have 3 pedals on the floor they are break, clutch, and reverse none are the gas. Then you have the gear shifter there is park or a hand break then push i (MORE)

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Why did Henry ford create the model t?

To produce a car that was affordable, easy to operate, easy to repair, and that would go anywhere. Most of all to make a profit.
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Did Ford remake the Model A or T?

Ford Motor Co. never reproduced its Model A or T however Ford did enter into a distribution agreement with a company named Shay Motor Corp. in 1979 as a sales point for severa (MORE)

Why was the model t ford such a popular car?

It was easy to operate, maintain, and handle on rough roads. It also was easy to produce due to the assembly line system developed by Henry Ford.
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