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Why is the Model T Ford important?

led americans to start using cars It was cheap enough that almost anyone could afford one. It was easy to operate, easy to repair, and could travel the horrible roads of the (MORE)
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What was the purpose of the Ford Model T?

Henry Ford created the Model T because he wanted a car that could  handle the rough roads of America. He wanted it to be light so it  was powerful, big enough for a family, (MORE)

How did the Ford Model T get its name?

Ford designated his prototypes by letter. The model T was  the twentieth model in his development series.     Related Information:    The just as famous, but (MORE)

How did a Ford model T work?

It is very easy. You have 3 pedals on the floor they are break, clutch, and reverse none are the gas. Then you have the gear shifter there is park or a hand break then push i (MORE)
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Did Ford remake the Model A or T?

Ford Motor Co. never reproduced its Model A or T however Ford did enter into a distribution agreement with a company named Shay Motor Corp. in 1979 as a sales point for severa (MORE)

When did Ford invent the Model T?

  In 1906, Ford secretly set up a place to build his cars in a building on Piquette Avenue in Detroit. Ford spent nearly two years designing the Model T, building on knowl (MORE)

What is an old Ford model T?

The Model T was not the first car made by Ford. That was the  Quadricycle 1898 followed by the Model A, B, and many prototypes.  The Model T did not go into production until (MORE)
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How do you start a model T Ford?

before 1919 they had to crank them by hand....after they had electric starters....the timing advance on the steering wheel in the up position and the throttle about a quarter (MORE)