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What are the different kinds of modern dance?

    There are not specifically different "kinds" of modern dance... Modern Dance developed out of many different roots but there were two main (and two secondary) fore (MORE)

Where in the world did modern dance come from?

    Modern Dance has varied roots but there are a fewkey people who are generally considered to be the first modern dances (Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Wide (MORE)

What is modern dancing?

Modern dancing came around, at the turn of the century, when women didn't want to dance on pointe shoes any more. They wanted to be rebels. They decided to dance bare foot. Pe (MORE)

What is the difference of modern dance to popular dance?

Modern and popular dance are only the same but the meaning of dance  is:    Dance is a type of art that generally  involves movement of the body,  often rhythmic and (MORE)

What is modern ethnic dance?

For me,modern ethnic dance has no specific title of music and actions,modernized the ethnic dances from its exact movements to modern actions but is has to be related to ethni (MORE)
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What did modern dance evolve from?

Modern dance evolved from ballet, jazz, hip hop, and many other forms of dance. Some contemporary dancers draw inspiration from ballroom dancing, others enjoy the elegance of (MORE)