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How did ancient Greek and Roman time keeping influence modern day time keeping?

Much of our current terminology about time and time keeping originated during Roman times. After the Julian reform of 46 B.C. the Roman calendar -like ours, which is its offsp (MORE)
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What do modern day Greek people wear?

They wear almost the same things as we do, although when it gets hotter in Greece (which is most of the year) they ususally wear things that are silky and women/girls mainly w (MORE)

Was the 'modern' period really modern?

There were some positive effects and some negative effects also. They are as follows:- POSITIVE EFFECTS 1. Britishers improved education 2. There was a growth in industrial (MORE)
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How has Greek culture influenced the countries of modern western nations?

Greece may be considered a Western nation, in part, because Western culture has so many of its roots in ancient Greece. Some western ideas about democratic government, for exa (MORE)

What modern things come from Greek mythology?

In the musical Annie, there is a lyric "I'm richer than Midas". There is a connection to Midas, a Greek myth about a guy and whatever he touched would turn to gold.In the litt (MORE)

What are some modern examples of math that seem to use the same ideas as the ancient greek math?

Pythagorean Theorem would be the first thing to come to mind.   Well, this is kind of more related to art/architecture, but there is the golden rectangle and the golden rat (MORE)

How do you say 'I am a Greek girl' in Greek?

Είμαι Ελληνίδα [eeme Elleeneetha] = I am a Greek (feminine) Pronunciation: *e*=ε, αι, as in "pet", "set", "them" *ee*=η, ει, ί, as in "feel", "heel", (MORE)
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Are Modern Greeks White?

No. Modern Greeks Are Not White White as opposed to what or whom? Negros or Swedes? It is rather uncommon to mistake a Greek for German, but this does not make them non-white. (MORE)

How are the ancient Greek and the modern day form of democracy the same?

They are not. There was only one city state in ancient Greece  (Athens) that was very briefly a very limited form of democracy  (only freeborn upperclass men). All other cit (MORE)