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Is modern Greek culutre matriarchal or patriarchal?

Superficially, it seems like a patriarchy, but it isn't. It's more matriarchial than most other Western societies. Women play important roles in the public and private spheres (MORE)

Is the modern Greek language the same as the ancient Greek language?

There are two forms of modern Greek; one is the language spoken by Greeks everyday, the other is a more "formal" Greek, still used for formal occasions, which is closer to anc (MORE)
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What do modern day Greek people wear?

They wear almost the same things as we do, although when it gets hotter in Greece (which is most of the year) they ususally wear things that are silky and women/girls mainly w (MORE)

How does Greek religion contribute to modern life?

Even though they belived in completely different gods, they made a role model for religions today. The way they respected their gods is the way most of religions respect their (MORE)

What modern things come from Greek mythology?

In the musical Annie, there is a lyric "I'm richer than Midas". There is a connection to Midas, a Greek myth about a guy and whatever he touched would turn to gold.In the litt (MORE)
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What foods do modern Greeks eat?

hi I am going to tell you what Greeks eat I know they like olives and meat. they eat lamb during Easter and that is all i no really. I am doing a project on this as well and (MORE)

Modern things named after greek mythology?

Aegis was Zeus and Athena's protective shield, and is the name of a  modern insurance group The Aegis Group. Ajax was a Greek warrior  who cleaned up in battle, and this is (MORE)
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Are Modern Greeks White?

No. Modern Greeks Are Not White White as opposed to what or whom? Negros or Swedes? It is rather uncommon to mistake a Greek for German, but this does not make them non-white. (MORE)