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What is a modern atlas?

Literally, it's the same as a old atlas (a book of maps), only newer. Figuratively, Mapquest, Google Maps, Google Earth, etc. can be considered modern atlases, as they are als (MORE)

What are modern kitchens?

Modern kitchens are characterized by simplification of form and an absence of applied decoration. Also, modern kitchens are made out of "green" products (plastic and metal) wh (MORE)

What is modern dancing?

Modern dancing came around, at the turn of the century, when women didn't want to dance on pointe shoes any more. They wanted to be rebels. They decided to dance bare foot. Pe (MORE)

What is modern communication?

Modern communication is communicating with others using the latest  technology. The internet and cell phones are considered to be  modern technology.

What is modern imperialism?

it refers to any situation,when you have the tendency;to push a good idea;far beyond.That which it was originally intended There are many examples of modern imperialism. To (MORE)

What is the modern Olympics?

  French sportsman and educator Baron Pierre de Coubertin was fascinated with the idea of the ancient Olympic Games, and was convinced that physical exercise and competiti (MORE)

Was the 'modern' period really modern?

There were some positive effects and some negative effects also. They are as follows:- POSITIVE EFFECTS 1. Britishers improved education 2. There was a growth in industrial (MORE)

What is modern mathematics?

  Mathematics became very analytical around the time of Riemann (1826-1866). The mathematics that followed from this is known as modern mathematics.   Applied mathemati (MORE)

Are modernity and modernism the same?

Yes. Modernity is a sort of state of being- up to date, progressive, the Modernity of skyscrapers and automatic elevators in Gotham, for example. on the other hand Modernism i (MORE)
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Why is there modern slavery?

There is modern slavery because part of the human condition is that are always some people in every society that consider only themselves and what they want with no concern wh (MORE)