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The earliest American modernists took their inspiration from who?

apex..... French writers and artists such as Charles Baudelaire, Gustave Flaubert, and Edouard Manet
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What is literature of knowledge and literature of power?

"The Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power" is the title of an 1848 essay by Thomas de Quincey, a 19th century British author best known for "Confessions of an E (MORE)

What is microcosm in literature?

Microcosm is a small unit whose actions / behaviors resemble that of a larger group. For example a small model of the Milky Way would be a microcosm for the Milky Way itself.
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How did modernist writers use fragmentation?

Modernist writers used fragmentation in many ways. An example of how it was used would be James Joyce, who used a very fragmented poem to portray the decay and fragmentation (MORE)

What qualities did the impressionist and modernist movements share?

The impressionist and modernist movements were both made up of  people who were dissatisfied with the way reality was shown in art  and literature. They shared a focus on pr (MORE)