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What is modulator?

Any device or circuit by means of which a desired signal is impressed upon a higher-frequency periodic wave known as a carrier. The process is called modulation. The modulator (MORE)
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What is modulation?

The process in which massege is place over a carrier signal is known as modulation.This process take place in transmitter.Demodulation is its opposite it take place in receive (MORE)
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What does a module do?

A module is a small electronic component. This controls andmonitors a number of actuators inside the compartment of an engine.
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What is a module?

It is a standard or unit of measurement. . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below. .
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What is Modulation index in Frequency modulation?

Modulation Index is the ratio of the maximum deviation frequency to the frequency of modulation. In other words it is the ratio of the spread in frequency spectrum to the freq (MORE)
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What is the modulation?

sending data between two electronic or networking devices by using modem or other devices, using data forms (a typical data form ,means set of frequences) send a modem or othe (MORE)
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What is a modulation?

one kind of frequency when changed into another is known as modulation modulation - process in which amplitude, frequency and phase of the carrier wave is made to vary in a (MORE)
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Why is AM modulation not an efficient way of modulation?

-- The power output stage in the transmitter must be operated either class A or class B. Whereas in FM the power output stage in the transmitter can operate class C which (MORE)