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What grows in a caves?

    Very little!       Microflora  (some algae and moulds)   Bacteria   Various fauna, mainly invertebrates.   Other animals, particularly bats, use (MORE)
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Where is altering cave?

Answer . To get to the altering cave you must first beat the Elite Four and the champion once. Then go to route 103. The cave door is there. WARNING: There are only zubats (MORE)

How can caves be dangerous?

You can fall INTO things (holes) things can fall ON you (rocks) and  you can get stuck in tight spaces. Some caves may have health  hazards from bats and bat droppings, or d (MORE)

How caves are formed?

rain water waves winds Most of the world's caves are in limestone, including its metamorphosis, marble) by the dissolution of the rock's primary constituent, calcium carbonat (MORE)

Where is Kitum Cave?

  Kitum Cave is located on Mt.Elgon a volcano on the border of Kenya and Uganda northeast of Lake Victoria.It has been implicated in containing a vector (possibly bats)of (MORE)

What is a description of a cave?

You can see and hear bats flapping they're wings rapidly, and  flying away into the darkness. Cobwebs brush against your head  slightly and you stumble over a rock nervously (MORE)

How are caves different?

    There are several fundamental different types of cave by mode of formation:     Karst caves (in limestone & by far the most numerous)     Lava tubes (in (MORE)

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How many caves in the Jenolan caves?

There are 11 Show Cave tours at Jenolan caves with daily guided  tours and a self guided/timed tour. There are 7 adventure cave  tours also operated by The Jenolan Caves Res (MORE)