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Email adrees for sheik mohamed al maktoom?

Salam walaikum, i have a question, is it haram for a man to remove hair from his back and trim chest hair jazakallah
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Who was Mohammed in the Quran?

Mohammad (PBUH) is the beloved messenger and prophet of Allah saw. He is braised in Quran as the prophet who is kind with his followers and that his obedience is a must as obe (MORE)
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What is the English translation of the Samoan words Fai fai pea?

The phrase "fai fai pea" is a Samoan chant typically used by plantation workers whilst gathering the harvest in the plantations. It is also used by individuals carrying long a (MORE)

What is fay seal?

Faying surface seals consist of a layer of sealant sandwiched between two fastened mating surfaces. These seals are used primarily to prevent corrosion of aircraft structure a (MORE)
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Description of Mohammed?

Answer:   A very handsome man. His skin was light in color, his hair was dark. His eyes were large and his nose was slightly curved. He parted his hair down the middle and (MORE)

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What is a faying weld?

A "faying edge" is the edges of two materials that are to be joined. This is the surface of a member in contact with another member to be welded.
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What is Mohamed?

First of all it is who is Mohamed Mohamed peace be abone him is a prophet for Muslims and is the last prophet who was sent a message of Islam to the Muslims from Allah.
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Who is Mohammed Ali-?

Mohammed Ali is a very famous Boxer. As of 2014, he is suffering  from Parkinson's syndrome.
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