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What is mohammadism?

there is no religion called mohammadism . The people who follow prophet mohammad's religion peace be upon him is called "Islam " . the word Islam means " submission to Allah * (MORE)

Who is Mohammad?

The prophet of the Muslim faith. (kind of like the Jesus of Muslims). ***************************************************************** To say that Muhammad (pbuh) is lik (MORE)

Where was Mohammad born?

Muhammad/Mohammad was born and lived in Makkah for the first 52  years of his life. He died in the city of Medina.
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How did Mohammad die?

Answer 1: he died in Islam were his followers lived    Answer 2: Mohammad died in 632 AD after being poisoned by a Jewish woman as a revenge for the innocent killing of (MORE)

What do they say about Mohammad?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Allah (swt) says regarding the character and position of his noble messenger Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him): And you (Muhammad) (stand) on an exalted s (MORE)
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Is Mohammad a prophet?

Answer 1 Allah has granted us wisdom, brain, and heart to judge forourselves. Muhammad the son of `Abdullah is Allah's Prophetand the Final Messenger Sent by Allah to the (MORE)
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Who is Mohammad Pazhutan?

Mohammad Pazhutan is an Iranian composer. He works under several names, but his most notable project has been Liqui Syn Dementia, under which he has released over two dozen fu (MORE)